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The KS Fitness family has many different characters with all kinds of goals, occupations and lifestyles. Everyone puts some seriously hard work into their training. Results always come with hard work and dedication, which is exactly what KSFitness is all about.

We welcome anyone - whatever your goals, needs, injuries or health issues. We love to help people "become a better version of themselves”. That's the reason we do this for a living - there's nothing more satisfying than seeing clients change their lives for the better. It's great to see them enjoying life because they have so much more confidence thanks to having trained and reached their goals. Watching clients get fitter, stronger and healthier is what gets us out of bed in the morning!

There is so much more to training than people think. It can help with so many aspects of people's lives. The correct training can have an impact on blood pressure, confidence, posture, injuries, pregnancy, work life and social life. It's not just about being a bodybuilder or super athlete (although, if that's your thing, more power to you). Training has all kinds of layers to it, whatever your age. We train 18 year olds to 70 year olds with completely different goals and health issues. We work with yoga instructors, actors, music and tv producers, bankers and rugby players, to name just a few. They all have limitations to training with work, children and busy lifestyles but they find the time to get it done.

My name is Kev Selley and I'm the proud founder of KS Fitness. I've trained for over a decade and I've been a personal trainer for almost 5 years now. When I first started training, I made all the mistakes you can think of. I was falling off the Swiss ball, getting the Barbell stuck on my chest, falling off the treadmill, and executing a bad technique on everything! I had no idea what I was doing because there's so much to learn. Over time, I signed up with a personal trainer and started learning and doing things properly. I also began to gain an understanding of how to piece training and nutrition together.

My claim to fame is that I'm a former pro wrestler. Wrestling was very challenging but very enjoyable and I competed all over London, Spain, Italy and Germany. It helped me to focus on my goals. I knew then that I wanted to help other people discover the kinds of training and exercise benefits that I had found. I wanted to make a difference to people's lives. That's where my personal training journey all began and that's when the idea for KS Fitness was born.


League Tables


16th March 2020

















Three weeks on top for Jemma and she’s still keeping up the consistent hard work like she always does. 👏🏼👏🏼 Special mention to Nafisa and Vicky for hard training weeks also. Great effort everyone else. 👏🏼👋🏼👌🏼💪🏼🤲🏼



9th March 2020











TEAM LEAN wins. Good effort team 💪🏽👏🏽🔥👌🏼🔥



Click on the names below to find out more about the KS Fitness family.

Team Lean Nicolle Team Lean

KS Fitness's Nicolle

'The One That's Determined To Be Better Than Yesterday'

Nicolle is someone I've been training for around a year and a half now and she's had a lot of obstacles along the way. There have been times when I've been pretty tough with her!

It's been a bumpy road but she is finally seeing the benefits with all the hard work she has put in. She has improved her conditioning immensely, her technique is almost flawless and her strength has rapidly increased. She lost 7 inches off her waist and 4 inches off her bum and can barbell squat and deadlift 70kg.

I really enjoy training Nicolle.


  • Arms — 11 half inch from start to - 10 inch
  • Back Lats — 15 half inch across lats from start to - 14 inch
  • Tummy — 34 half inch from start to - 26 inch
  • Bum — 40 half inch from start to - 36 half inch
  • Legs — 23 inch from start to - 20 inch

Personal Bests

  • Deadlifts - 75kg
  • Barbell Squat - 75kg
  • Leg press - 210kg
  • Sumo Deadlift - 75kg

"I came to Kev 18 months ago after just doing classes at the gym. I wanted to take my training to the next level and get a body that reflected that. What I achieved with Kev's help has far exceeded my expectations.

My overall strength and fitness has improved so much. Each session is always different and he constantly challenges me. I have learned so much from Kev, he has helped me overcome barriers and has given me a new outlook on training.

Kev is dynamic, fun, committed and motivational and I can't recommend him enough."

Team Strong Clodagh Team Strong

KS Fitness's Clodagh

'The One That Can Do Everything'

Clodagh is a very consistent and hardworking client who is essential to the KSFitness family.

She puts so much effort into every session and I couldn't tell you just how many health issues she has, but that doesn't stop her. She is one of the most positive and inspirational people I've worked with.

Being a yoga instructor she said to me at the very beginning that she wanted to be stronger, so over time we got to 100kg barbell squat, 85kg deadlift and 55kg flat bench press to name just a few.

Clodagh is an absolute pleasure to train.


  • Arms — 10 half inch from start to - 9 half inch
  • Back lats — 16 inch across lats from start to - 14 inch
  • Tummy — 35 half inch from start to - 31 inch
  • Legs — 24 half inch from start to - 23 inch

Personal Bests

  • Deadlifts 30kg - 85kg
  • Barbell Squat 50kg - 100kg
  • Leg press 100kg - 200kg
  • Sumo Deadlift - 45kg - 80kg

"I started training with Kev last year on the recommendation of my old pt. Kev is so warm and welcoming. He is easy to work with and asks me all the right questions to work on my goals, ensuring I get a personal programme that meets my needs. I am always impressed with his level of knowledge, which is important to me as I have an ongoing medical issue and Kev is able to respond to my changing needs, adapting and modifying my programme so I can still work hard and get the most benefits from my workout. Kev understands what I need to do and is amazing at motivating me to get the work done and the results I need. His workouts are varied and fun so I never get bored!!"

Team Fit Tony Team Fit

KS Fitness's Tony

'The One That We Call The Machine'

Tony is my longest serving client of 3 years and I can’t tell you how hard this guy works on every session. He trains like a machine - hence why I call him Tony ‘The Machine’ Smith.

He is 62 years old and is probably one of the fittest people I train. He has improved so much over a long period of time, making progress on conditioning, strength, flexibility, coordination and power. He has lost 5 stone over the period we have trained together and it's an absolute pleasure to assist him with his goals.

Tony still trains with me to this day and with brand new goals in mind, which he will achieve because he has the drive and passion to do it.

The machine keeps going. 💪🏽

"Kev's been my personal trainer for over 3 years now, when I first met him I had a one to one single session and the Experience of that first session I so much enjoyed I knew I had to have many more.

I was in terrible shape when I first came to Kev and what I achieved with Kev completely changed my lifestyle. His personal ability and experience is second to none, His motivation to drive me on at times when I was almost at my limits is excellent and through Kev's tuition and ability made me push further than I thought I could ever go.

Kev is the first personal trainer that I've had and in my opinion there is not a better personal trainer out there. He has also become a very good friend to me throughout our time together.

I am 62 years of age and through Kev's training I am fitter now than I was 30 years ago."

Team Lean Lawrie Team Lean

KS Fitness's Lawrie

'The One That Always Finds The Time To Train'

Working in TV, Lawrie has a very demanding job and it can be hard trying to juggle training around that. However, Lawrie does it every week and trains to the maximum. His willingness to learn and try new things is refreshing and he always gives 110%. He has transformed his training completely and is adding that much needed variety to his workouts. He now can do pretty much everything that I ask of him and to a good standard too.

Lawrie is a very hard working, consistent and coachable client that keeps improving all the time. He has a love for training, which gives him that passion. People like this will always succeed.

We’ve been training for around two years now and we're still going strong.

"I've been working with Kev now for over two years and have seen major improvement in my strength, stamina and physique. He's introduced me to new ways of training and I'm continuing to learn whilst being pushed beyond my comfort zone. Kev is fantastic at understanding the client's needs and concerns and addressing them. He's professional, reliable and totally at the top of his game."

Team Strong Oliver Team Strong

KS Fitness's Oliver

'The One That Lifts Heavy'

Oliver is probably my most consistent client. Some of the changes he has made make me super proud of his work, although he is never happy because he always wants more.

We started training two years ago and Oliver was very new to the gym then. He had no coordination, no flexibility, no strength and no stamina. Because of this, it took a while to get going but once he got the bug for it he never looked back.

Oliver wanted to build muscle from the start and he started from the very bottom to hitting some very heavy impressive lifts.

Here's the progress he has made since starting out:

  • Barbell Squat: 25kg to 140kg
  • Deadlift: 30kg to 155kg
  • Walking Barbell Lunge: 15kg to 70kg
  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: 20kg to 90kg
  • Overhand Bent Over Row: 15kg to 85kg

He works very hard and always wants more and is probably the bench mark of the KSFitness family. 💪🏼


  • Chest: 36 inch from start to - 39 half inch
  • Arms: 11 half inch from start to - 13 half inch
  • Back Lats: 13 inch across lats from start to - 18 half inch
  • Back Top - 16 half inch from start to - 22 inch
  • Tummy — 32 half inch from start to - 27 inch
  • Legs — 22 half inch from start to - 25inch

"Kev is everything you look for in a trainer: informative, motivating, personalable and above all efficient.

The approach to training is both challenging and personal as he tailors the training to what you want to achieve, which is outlined before you even spend a penny.

Whether you're just looking to get in shape, or put on some serious size, Kev helps you to develop a program you can also follow yourself outside of the sessions. Taking care to ensure you understand the exercises you're doing to both maximise gains (obviously) but to prevent injury as well, so you're always ready to go for the next session. Time spent outside the gym is just as important to making the most out of the sessions, so if nutritition is where you struggle, Kev always has tips he follows himself to keep you working towards your goals. Kev's open approach to training also means that whatever your work schedule he's committed to having the sessions work around you, whether you're an early riser or leave the office late. A big barrier to training (some find) is price, I find Kev's system to be fair and competitive allowing you maximise his time for what you've paid for. I've trained with Kev for over a year now, and will continue to do so as there's still goals I want to achieve and find him the right trainer to help me get there."

Team Lean Sejal Team Lean

KS Fitness's Sejal

'The one who Works through the pain. '

Sejal came to me around 6 months ago with goals she wanted to achieve and plans on how to improve her body. But the problem we had from the start was that she was unsure whether she could actually reach these goals because of the health issues she currently has, It has stopped her progressing in the past for years and she could never find the right balance with training, nutrition and treatment, but once we got going she never looked back.

Sejal really wants it, and she’s willing to put in the hard graft to get it, which is the main reason why she has done so well in such a short period of time. Her Health issues get better week after week, she has lost weight in the areas she wanted and her body is slowly shaping up how we planned.

Sejal is massive part of the KSFitness Family and embodies what we're all about.


  • BUM - 45 INCH - Down to 43 inch
  • TUMMY - 41 INCH - Down to 37 inch
  • LEGS - 25 INCH - Down to 22 inch

Personal Bests

  • Traditional Deadlift - 55kg
  • Sumo Deadlift - 50kg
  • BB Squat - 55kg
  • Leg Press - 170kg

Finding a PT that practices what they preach and understands what you want to achieve personally, your goals and what issues you may have is hard. I’ve been a member of Fitness First for many years, and decided to train with a PT as I’d gained a lot of weight since coming back from my travels. The first PT I decided to go with talked the talk but failed to walk the walk and unfortunately it left me no confidence.

Fortunately, my sister recommended her trainer Kev at Fitness First and seeing her results first hand was a no brainer. I met with Kev and talked in detail about what I wanted to achieve, my goals, what type of training I’d like to do and my health issues. Kev was engaging from the onset and I knew that we’d both be going on this journey together.

I was nervous about my first training session – I was so uncomfortable with myself and my body. However, my first session was great and after my first few sessions, training became fun. I’ve become more confident in myself now and results are starting to show. Kev takes the time to explain every move and ensures your form is correct. No day is the same, training is a mixture of weights, HIIT, power sessions, circuit training, boxing and many more. Kev carries his iPad with him everywhere to make sure that he notes down your progress.

I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, which causes pain in the joints. Kev understands the issues and ensures we work around the pain points to maximise training without injuring myself.

Kev’s personality, knowledge and passion for what he does is really motivating and helps you better yourself in every way possible. I know my journey is only going to get better and better. Training with Kev has been great, he’s the best PT I know. I would highly recommend Kev to anyone.

Team Fit Rina Team Fit

KS Fitness's Rina

'The one thats super Reliable.'

I have only been training Rina for a short period of Time now but in that time she has impressed me so much that I wanted to put her profile up on the website, she is certainly the type of client we like at KSFitness- she works really hard, eager to learn, driven to succeed, listens to advice and is super reliable. She is very new within her journey at the KSFitness family but has started with some great results dropping measurements, losing body fat percentage and hitting some impressive PB’s. The sky is the limit for Rina and I look forward to seeing where this journey takes us.


39% Body Fat - 29% body fat at present (Nov 2017)

Measurements coming soon!

Personal Bests

  • Traditional Deadlift 70kg
  • Sumo Deadlift 75kg
  • BB Squats 55kg
  • Leg Press 150kg
  • Prowler 110kg
  • Walking bb Lunges 30kg

I have been training with Kev since July 2017. I have been a member of the gym since April 2016 and participate in many group classes with both cardio and free weights. I approached Kev because I felt my training had become stagnate and I wasn't heading to where I wanted to be-healthier, fitter and stronger. We discussed my goals in an initial one to one consultation and what I wanted from him. He devised a training plan to suit my individual needs and this was how my journey into the life of fitness started. Kev always plans my sessions with attention to detail and focus on different areas on a daily basis. He ensures my technique is correct at all times to prevent injury and will quite happily show me where I am going wrong. Plans are changed according to my bodies capabilities and he will continue to check everything is ok throughout the entire session. All my training questions get answered in a professional manner-I do ask a lot! He explains what were going to be doing, why and the muscles that are working. Kev pushes me to limits I thought I could never achieve in such a short period of time. There is no way I would achieve what I have just in classes. I train with Kev 4 times a week and thoroughly look forward to my sessions. They genuinely are the best hour of my day! There's always a selection of weights and cardio and I'm constantly learning new techniques, terminology and how to train particular body parts in every session. All my training is logged on my individual plan and I get regular progress updates so that keeps me motivated to work hard. Every block of training he plans has a new routine so I never get bored and get pushed to my max even on days when I don't feel like training. I would highly recommend Kev Selley to anyone who is considering or looking for a personal trainer. I promise you won't regret joining him. I haven't!!

Team Lean Hemma Team Lean

KS Fitness's Hemma

'The One who became determined for Results.'

Hemma came to me after I was training her husband to be Ritul. Hemma really felt that she had hit a wall with her training and needed something different to kick start her body's progress, so we got deep into thqe plan we set and never looked back.

She worked extremely hard and pushed every week for more progress. Over time the results started to show. We found that consistency to the cause and changed her workouts around regularly to keep her body guessing. We hit high intense drills to burn fat and also hit heavy power compound movements to build muscle. The numbers on her lifts kept going up and up.

Hemma was a pleasure to train and got some great results, she never complained, is always up for anything and constantly tried her best with everything she done.

Personal Bests

  • Deadlift 60kg
  • BB Squat 70kg
  • BB Bent over Rows 40kg
  • Walking BB Lunges 35kg
  • BB Clean and Press 30kg

I had been going to the gym for a year but I just couldn't lose weight or tone until I trained with Kev. My husband had been training with him and I could see results so I started my training. In the two years I trained with Kev, I managed to learn correct form and discipline. It was hard at the start but as weeks went by, it got better and I started to enjoy training. Kev ensured that every session was fun as well as sticking to the goals I wanted to achieve. One thing I couldn't do whilst training alone was push myself to increase the weights as I did not think I could do it. Kev pushed me to achieve this and believe in myself.

During my pregnancy, Kev tailored all exercises to my capability to ensure I kept my form and stayed toned. It kept me lean and fit. I was so energetic through my pregnancy and I really do think it is because Kev helped me stay fit.

I would highly recommend Kev to all my friends and anyone who feels they need that extra push.

Team Fit Elliott Team Fit

KS Fitness's Elliott

'The One Who puts the work in.'

I have only been working with Elliott for 9 months now, and in that short time he has improved dramatically on a bunch of aspects with regards to training. He is so eager to push himself to new levels every week and its a joy to be around him so regularly in the gym.

When we first started our programme there was certain areas in which Elliott really struggled, and he found some exercises very challenging indeed. But over time with some serious dedication, motivation and hard work he is stronger, more flexible and in generally good shape. He has achieved many fitness goals already at such a short time and is constantly seeking more.

Elliott is a valuable Member of the KSFitness Family.


  • Chest - 44 inch - down to 41 inch
  • Tummy 44 inch - down to 39 inch

Personal Bests

  • Flat Barbell Bench 60kg
  • Barbell Squat 50kg
  • Deadlifts 60kg
  • Prowler 100kg
  • Clean and press 25kg

I suppose I’ve been around gyms and trainers most of my adult life, but have never actually worked closely with a personal trainer until about nine months ago when I was introduced to Kev. Up to then, I was never taken with personal trainers, most that I’d met disregarded my age (now 66) or physical condition and either provided me with less than challenging programmes or entirely the opposite. So when I joined Fitness First I was wary of having a trainer, being content to work by myself. However, having been introduced to Kev and offered a trial session it was very clear that I was dealing with someone who really knew his business. He understood my goals and has worked consistently to help me achieve some stretching longer-term targets but without being patronising or having that self-centered approach I see in some other PTs. Kev’s approach is to blend his extensive knowledge and experience with a ‘human’ touch mixing hard work with humour and just the right amount of challenge so that I look forward to each training session. I find him to be motivating and caring, ensuring that I progress in line with my objectives. My physical condition and mental outlook continue to improve and I Look forward to stepping up my training over the next year. In summary, I cannot recommend Kev highly enough, it is also worth mentioning that my wife has always been very self-conscious about gyms in general but, since being a client, is very much enjoying the experience.

Team Lean Amelia Team Lean

KS Fitness's Amelia

'The one who strives for the Ultimate Personal Best.'

Amelia really found it hard to stick to the training when we first started, and she wasn’t confident with certain aspects of training like weights and powerlifting. She struggled to keep focused and dedicated to the cause of why she started training in the first place and it made it extremely difficult to achieve results. But then she got the bug for it and things completely changed, Amelia now knows what she wants from training and is 110% committed to getting it.

I have trained Amelia for a year and half now but over the last 8 months she is working on a completely different level, she keeps hitting new PB’s, is gaining strength in all the right places and has almost flawless technique.

Amelia is great to work with and continues to improve each week.


Measurements and body fat % coming soon.

Personal Bests

  • BB Squat 95kg
  • Traditional Deadlift 75kg
  • Sumo Deadlift 75kg
  • Leg Press 210kg
  • Stiff leg Deadlift 60kg
  • BB Walking Lunges 35kg

Kev was recommended to me when I joined up at Fitness First by a friend and I’ve been training with him for just over a year and a half now. Not only has Kev helped me to tone up but he has also built up my confidence on what used to be a very scary weight area and squat rack! Kev wants the best for all of his clients and I genuinely feel like my personal goals matter and he wants to help me reach them. I’ve managed to continue to hit PBs throughout my training and I always finish a session on a high and looking forward to the next one. I’ve learned so much from training with him and I’m now stronger than ever and looking forward to seeing what else I can achieve in my training with Kev this year!

Team Strong Mark Team Strong

KS Fitness's Mark

'The one that's eager to learn more.'

Mark is eager to learn, driven to succeed, dedicated and most of all Consistent, these are the things that make him so great to work with. I've trained him for two years now and the difference in him now to back then is massive, he wasn’t sure what he was doing, had poor posture and didn’t have a structure to his training. It took time for us to get going but once he started getting the buzz for it he was hooked.

Now he consistently trains every week pushing, pulling, smashing through legs, cardio and all types of training formats he is hitting, some of his personal bests and before and after pics speak for themselves and he is still improving everyday.

Its a pleasure to train mark and its brilliant to see him progress so well.

Keep going buddy 💪🏽

Personal Bests

  • Deadlift 35kg — 140kg
  • BB Squat 20kg —- 140kg
  • BB flat Bench Press 35kg —– 120kg
  • BB Decline Bench Press 30kg —– 115kg
  • Leg Press 90kg —— 240kg
  • Sumo Deadlift 40kg —— 110kg
  • Lat Pull Down 50kg ——- 130kg

I have known Kev for 2yrs now , and in that time I have learnt so much regarding keeping my form and how to do important exercises properly, he is a great motivator for me and really makes me push myself to the limit, his knowledge is second to none. My IQ has improved thanks to Kev and I can't thank him enough, he understands your needs and for this I would highly recommend Kev to anyone wanting to improve themselves!!

Team Fit Vic Team Fit

KS Fitness's Vic

'The One Who finds consistency even at the age of 70. '

Vic is a huge inspiration to me because he lives his life the right way. His 70 years old, trains four times a week, his in a rock band, and his Healthy lifestyle saved him.

He recently had heart surgery that kept him out for a little while, and most people would never come back to training after that….. Not Vic! He was back six months later picking up from where he left off.

His eager to learn, works hard and is very consistent. Long may it continue.

Personal Bests

  • BB Squat 50kg
  • Traditional deadlift 50kg
  • Leg press 150kg
  • Clean & Press 30kg

I have been a client of Kev's for 18 months, although I'd been a member of the gym for 6 years and lost 2 stone in weight on my own I made the mistake of not eating Properly while training and lost muscle mass as well as fat , so with Kev's dietary knowledge and training I actually put weight back on !! Without getting fat … And was really pleased with the results we where achieving, Then , last summer Kev noted that I wasn't making any improvements and kept asking how I was feeling !! I did feel ok not unwell at all but I was getting tired !! So on his advice I went to my doctor who sent me for blood test and an ECG the results didn't come back very favourable and i ended up having heart surgery … 6 months later I'm now back training just baby steps ,but I'm confident I'll soon be back to how I was , so I thank Kev for picking up on the signs I wasn't performing which probably saved my life ….

Team Lean Ritul Team Lean

KS Fitness's Ritul

'The One Who became obsessed with Results. '

Ritul is someone I’ve trained for three years now which has been a real pleasure, his had many ups and downs along his journey but always puts in the work when I train him one to one. The peak of Ritul’s Training was probably leading up to his wedding with his partner Hemma (also a member of the KSFitness Family). During this period we hit so many different training formats it really had his body guessing, his body changed how he wanted it to because he was consistent with the training and nutrition which gave him RESULTS.

Ritul loves to learn new things and always asks questions about certain movements, techniques and food which I’m always more than happy to assist him with, His an integral part of KSFitness.

Personal Bests

  • BB Squat 90kg
  • Traditional Deadlift 115kg
  • BB Bench press 105kg
  • Walking DB Lunges 18kg

I have been training with Kev since August 2014, he is one of the most experienced, organised and committed trainers. Kev has an in-depth knowledge on training, dieting and sports related injuries, his workouts are planned around your needs, capabilities and goals.

Over this period I have lost considerable amount of weight, gained muscle mass and improved my fitness. Kev's method of training is methodical, he plans the whole workout in advance and ensures any two sessions are never the same. He has a great personality, easy to get along with and you can have a great laugh with him. Kev is extremely passionate about his work, he is fully committed to ensuring you reach your goals through carefully planned workouts and strict diet.

Recently I moved away from Romford and this meant I am only able to train with Kev on weekly/ fortnightly basis however with his new online platform I still have direct access to his workout & diet plans, he regularly keeps in touch with his online clients and ensures they are progressing with their workouts.

I thoroughly recommend Kev to anyone who wants a fitness trainer, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, he can tailor the workouts to suit you, call him for a free consultation today.

Team Lean Ben Team Lean

KS Fitness's Ben

'The One Who puts years of hard work into his training. '

Ben is someone I’ve worked with from the very beginning when I first started personal training almost 5 years ago, his one of my longest serving clients and we’ve been through So many different training plans together, the progress his made is crazy. He is always willing to try new things, take the next step and puts consistent work in year after year to be the best version of himself, his gained so much Strength and Conditioning over the years and his still improving. Ben is a great guy and I can only say thank you for all the years of hard work and dedication, here’s to another 5 years 🍺

Personal Bests

  • BB Squat from 30kg to 110kg
  • BB Flat Bench press from 35kg to 100kg
  • Incline DB Press from 6kg to 40kg
  • Leg Press from 80kg to 260kg
  • Deadlift 115kg

I started training with Kev around 5 years ago when I first joined the gym after fracturing my kneecap and I have continued to use him ever since. Kev constantly challenges you for every minute of your session and I feel I continue to learn from each and every session because of that. Kev gave me confidence and belief in myself through his training from Day 1 and it has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable to work with him ever since. Kev is personable, understanding of your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, he works around injuries and none of it stops him from pushing you to your very limits every time – sometimes I think he understands my body more than me! I would highly recommend him to anyone – I feel fitter, stronger and healthier because our training. His work-ethic and dedication to his profession is admirable and to top it all off he’s an all-round good guy.

Team Fit Jamie Team Fit

KS Fitness's Jamie

'The one who wants the ultimate success.'

I've been training Jamie for almost two years now, and we have certainly had a lot of fun during that time. When he first started training he was very hesitant to experiment with his workouts. Jamie stuck to the same type of plans such as running, rowing and bike machines.

Then once we got going his body gradually started to change. We introduced weight training, high intense drills, plyometrics and powerlifting. Jamie is Technically very very good with his movements and always tries his best for every session, even if he doesn't always enjoy them. 😂

A pleasure to work with, Great guy! 💪🏽👏🏽

Personal Bests

  • BB Squat 80kg
  • Leg Press 240kg
  • DB Incline Press 22kg
  • BB Clean & Press 50kg

I’ve been training with Kev on and off for around 3 years now. I always thought running or some type of cardio would keep the weight off but after training with Kev it turns out that a mixture of cardio, weights and hiit training really does keep me trim, and on the plus side I really enjoy it! I would have never of entered the weight area prior to training with Kev, who encouraged and built my confidence up to train wherever and whenever on the gym floor!

Kev empowers and motivates me from the moment we start our sessions until the bitter end! He’s a brilliant and attentive PT who has become a friend over the years.

Team Lean Craig Team Lean

KS Fitness's Craig

'The one who exceeded all my expectations.'

I first met Craig around 5 years ago when i was just starting out as a personal trainer at Romford Fitness First, on the very first session I could tell he needed some help with his training, and really needed some guidance with what to do.

Fast Forward 5 years and Craig is now one of my longest serving clients.

Craig has progressed unbelievably well over the years and improved on almost every aspect of training such as, Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility, Endurance and Technique. He lost weight, lost inches, built muscle, toned and shaped his body, Craig puts in the effort during training and doesn’t shy away from trying new things and adding new plans to his workouts.

It's an absolute pleasure to work with Craig and see him becoming the best possible version of himself.

Well done brother. 💪🏽👏🏽


  • Tummy 44 inch - 34 inch
  • Arms 11 inch - 14 inch
  • Chest 42 inch - 45inch

Personal Bests

  • BB Squat 100kg
  • BB Deadlift 120kg
  • BB Flat Bench Press 95kg
  • Leg Press 240kg
  • Clean and Press 45kg
  • Incline DB Press 32kg

I have known Kev for about 5 years. I trained regularly with him for 2.5 years and have recently gone back to him. I had never been someone who worked out and working with Kev completely changed my mindset towards fitness. Over a short time my confidence grew in the gym and I started to see massive changes to my body. I was losing weight and gaining muscle - I was in the best shape I had ever been in. None of this would have been possible without Kev. He is very personable, understanding, encouraging and accommodating. Every session I had with him was clearly well planned and designed to help me reach my goals. I took a break from training for a while and have recently gone back to Kev and it feels like no time has passed. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable - even offering advice and help when I am not in a session with him. I would highly recommend Kev to anyone who wants to make changes to their body, fitness and overall health and enjoy it while they're doing it. All around great guy and trainer!

Team Strong Keelan Team Strong

KS Fitness's Keelan

'The One who found consistency and then results. '

Keelan is another very long serving client of around 3 years now, and he has really improved drastically Since the day I first met him.

Keelan had quite a bad posture when we first started training together and really needed some work to push everything back, He also needed to tighten up some areas of his body, but after mixing up his programme and tweaking certain parts of his nutrition he started to gradually change.

The before and after pictures is living proof that hard work pays off and Keelan still trains with me to this day whilst also training himself, it’s a part of his life now.

It’s a pleasure to work with you buddy even though you support Arsenal. 😉😂

Personal Bests

  • BB Squat 95kg
  • Leg Press 200kg
  • BB Flat Bench Press 110kg
  • DB Incline Press 36kg
  • Prowler 200kg
  • BB Walking lunges 35kg
  • BB Deadlift 95KG

When I had my first session with Kev, I was in the worst shape of my life. Confidence low, size but no strength and cardio wasn’t a word in my vocabulary. I never intended for personal training to be a long-term commitment- maybe a session here & there to get some tips at a maximum. We identified my goals and the sessions steadily became a fixture in my diary. We’ve continued to work together on a regular basis and the improvements in both my performance and confidence has been staggering. Strength training has clearly improved, with personal bests far exceeding what I ever thought I could achieve. My cardio has undoubtedly improved, I enjoy high-rep sessions and even leg days, when previously they were a source of fear. These improvements have poured over into other areas of my life, making me more active and confident while using these strengths to improve at other sports. While Kev has some questionable opinions with regards to football (Spurs fan), I value his help when it comes to discussing diets or tweaks to my workout routine. Working a full-time job with part-time studies, finding the motivation to work out in the evening can be a struggle, which is why I’ve previously excelled with a “gym-buddy”. Having lost that previously, that motivation would sometimes slip. Working with Kev has allowed me to keep up that motivation, drag myself in and get my workout, even when it would be easier to keep my feet up at home. I’d certainly recommend Kev, and advise anyone who is interested in getting fit or improving their performance, but is apprehensive to give him a call.

Team Lean Colin Team Lean

KS Fitness's Colin

'The 70 year old that wants more results. '

Colin is a dedicated client I’ve been training for 1 year now and he continues to improve month after month. When we first started training he had some experience with how to work the body, but just needed guidance with different types of movements and styles of training to keep his body guessing.

His strength has improved rapidly going from 25kg deadlifts to 65kg deadlifts and bench press going from 30kg to 70kg. 👏🏼👏🏼 Impressive stuff really considering Colin is the tender age of 70 years old.

He looks 10 years younger, he trains 10 years younger, he is ‘Colin the Crusher’ 😂💪🏼


  • 48% BODY FAT DOWN TO 34%

Personal Bests


When I started Fitness from another gym, I realised that my training had become the same tired old routines and I also wanted to try to improve certain areas such as posture, fitness and more muscle if that was possible although this is more difficult later in life.(I am 70 years old). I saw Kev in the gym training others and got to know him through one of his clients. The program that Kev has designed for me has shown, after a year, that I have improved in all areas and more than I asked for. Every session we have is different with a big variety of exercises. I am constantly learning new ways to train and enjoy every session. Its a pleasure to train as Kev is personable, knowledgeable and encouraging, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Team Lean Esther Team Lean

KS Fitness's Esther

'The One that’s Crazy but Hardworking. 💪🏼😂'

Esther had a few doubts whether working with me would help her or not, she suffers from numerous menopausal symptoms and severe aggravation in the legs and hips. It affected her everyday life and was starting to really bring her down, until she did something about it.

I’ve been training Esther for around a year now and in that time we have seen significant changes to her body. We’ve straightened up her posture, improved strength around her hamstrings, back and core and most importantly changed the way she feels about herself. Esther has made significant changes month after month to her body that she is now reaping the benefits for, and it’s all testament to her for wanting to make a change.

It’s a Pleasure training you BOSS. 😂😂



Personal Bests


Menopause symptoms have hit me hard, my hips and legs cause me the greatest pain, sitting down or up. At my lowest point of finding no solution to my painful symptoms, an advertisement from Kev appeared on my facebook and the words x1 free session caught my eye. I’ve been in a gym before and understood the connection between wellbeing and fitness. With nothing to lose I signed up for the x1 free session and asked many questions relating to if he had trained anyone in menopause and other injuries I have.
Nearly ten months later I am nearly free of pain, for me a miracle, on many levels. The qualities Kev has shown me are: - Knows his anatomy and somatic. - The muscle function and reaction to different exercises. - Is a good listener to the client’s concerns and wishes. - Recognises when moral support is more important than the training that day. (Kev pep talked me through two very low days in my training.) - Feedback after every session to develop the next training with you. - Texts you the night before to confirm the training times. - Enjoys a good professional relationship with his client. It is a joy to go every time to train with Kev with his happy, cheerful manner. I personally feel I am blessed to have found such a dedicated personal trainer.

Team Lean Vicky Team Lean

KS Fitness's Vicky

'The one who made training part of her every day life.'

We’ve been working together now for almost a year and I’ve honestly been so impressed with how Vicky has taken to the training. She puts so much effort into each session we do and even when she can’t quite do something she always gives it a go.

The training we do has constantly been updated and tweaked to give her body maximum benefit, with different variations and changes to keep the body guessing. Vicky is always willing to try new things and push herself, and it’s a pleasure to work with her so often week in week out.

Her results speak volumes and all the hard grafting is paying off. Well done Vicky 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👌🏼👌🏼🙌🙌💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Great client, Great attitude, Great friend


  • 49% body fat down to 31%

  • Tummy- 41inch down to 34inch

  • Bum- 48 inch down to 42 inch

  • Legs- 26inch down to 23 Half inch

Personal Bests

  • Sumo Deadlifts 65kg
  • Leg Press 230kg
  • Prowler 125kg
  • BB Squat 70kg

After struggling to find some consistency in training and nutrition, I decided that enough was enough and it was time to invest in myself. After browsing instagram/stalking his website, I contacted Kev about getting started with some sessions.

I’ve used a few different PTs before, but I can honestly say that Kev tops them all! He’s super knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable - as well as a genuinely great guy. It’s clear that Kev loves what he does and has a real passion for helping people. I feel like whenever I hit a PB, or my measurements have gone down, Kev is just as happy about it as I am! Our sessions are varied and challenging, but genuinely a lot of fun and I look forward to them (burpees aside, obviously!).

I’m so thrilled with how our sessions have been going and how my body has changed as a result. I feel so much more confident in myself and have fallen in love with training. Kev has helped me to finally find the consistency that I was looking for which I’m so grateful for (even if I’m constantly having to buy smaller sized clothes…)

I honestly can’t recommend Kev enough - if you’re sat browsing his website/instagram like I was, 100% get in touch - you really won’t regret it.

Thank you for getting in touch. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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